Desert Valley Hospital Scholarship fundraiser

The Desert Valley Charitable Foundation is a charitable fundraiser that was established by Dr. Prem Reddy in 1989. This is one of a dozen charities that Dr. Reddy is a proud member and supporter. Being a hugely successful businessman, Dr. Reddy’s philanthropic acts have benefited many in the United States and worldwide. The Desert Valley Charitable Foundation is among the many generous programs that the doctor personally initiated to give back to the community.


He catapulted the foundation with an initial gift of $1 million with the sole purpose of serving the healthcare and educational needs of the persons in Southern California and High Desert areas. In helping this cause, the foundation is geared towards addressing the nursing shortage in the area and helping future generations in acquiring scholarships and grants for their health care education. Additionally, the program also offers free public health library for scholars.

Every year, for the last decade the program has funded students with over $100,000. The package rewards students of outstanding academic excellence and is also involved in school and community services. The scholarship grant is open to all residents in the high desert who have a passion and want to pursue an accredited course in the healthcare related field. It is worth noting that the Non- For-Profit Organization only grants the scholarship to students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

For a candidate to be considered, the scholar must present a couple of documents including; a 1000-word personal statement essay clearly stating his or her career plan and objectives. Secondly, two reference letters from a mentor or a medical practitioner will be required. These may not come from a friend or a relative. Thirdly, the applicant will have to submit a copy of their recent IRS return or their parent’s if they still live under their custody. In addition, the number of tax returns filed and the number of dependents also should be revealed. Lastly, the high school/college transcripts and or certificate is also required.

Coupled with these requirements, applicants must certify that they are enrolled in an accredited program that leads to a medical related course, prove that they recently graduated and present a letter of acceptance. The prospective scholarship beneficiaries normally have up to 30 days to comply.

John Wilkins, the president of Rancho Motor Company, shares some similarities with Dr. Prem Reddy in that they both serve the residents of High Desert regions. Like the doctor, Mr. Wilkins is also a philanthropic man and is a supporter of many social programs that benefit residents of San Bernardino County.

charity foundationThe Wilkins family are a communal front-runner in charitable funding, and they contribute to over a dozen programs including; art activities, hospital foundations, youth sports and more. In this respect, Mr. John Wilkins is a highly regarded member and holds high positions in several charitable organizations in Apple, Valley, and Victorville.

Aside from being an industrious man with high regards for customer service. Mr. Wilkins is also a staunch supporter of the Desert Valley Charitable Foundation. Looking at the Rancho Motor Company, the service center is a state of the art facility featuring full-time GM trained technicians, offering in-vehicle security systems, on-site and off-site services and houses award winning vehicles. Basically, the facility delivers on all your automobile needs, and the company holds the same interests in providing for the local community. The irreproachable performance of the firm only underlines the extent that Mr. Wilkins is willing to go in order to be exceptional. Having been a long-time donor to the Desert Valley Charitable Foundation, things can only get better with the Rancho Motor Company in support of this call.